A land close by…

In a land not quite far away, but virtually unknown, there lived people. A tiny number of them. Documentation of the area would show that if a war were ever to occur, between the people and literally any other species, the poor homosapiens would be sorely outnumbered. But, war was a dystopian possibility. You see, … Continue reading A land close by…


No Change….

Ni Change   You know, I've had a lot of people talk to me about how you can never be prepared for everything because well, life's unpredictable. In fact, I had my dad detail a talk where a person went on to become something not because of his academic excellence but because of chance. But … Continue reading No Change….

The Rear Brake

I have owned a cycle for nearly 4 years. I've played around with it. I've crashed into another cycle which left the other cyclist walk away muttering about my carelessness. See, my problem is I believe cycles are harmless. Growing up seeing polluting vehicles, I dreamt of riding my cycle to work like Mike does. … Continue reading The Rear Brake